Deliverables, reports, proposals, made by the Agency for Sustainable Development and Integration - ECOREGIONS ( ASDE )

Partner N9 in the leading CBC project SPATIAL - Common Strategy for sustainable territorial development of the cross-border area RO-BG (MIS ETC CODE 171)

The Agency for Sustainable Development and Eurointegration - ECOREGIONS (ASDE) is a partner № 9 in the flagship project "SPATIAL" - Common Strategy for sustainable territorial development of the cross-border area RO-BG (MIS ETC CODE 171). The project is realized within the framework of the Cross-Border Cooperation Program between Bulgaria and Romania (CBC – RO-BG).

Lead Partner is the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration of Romania, the coordination from Bulgarian side is managed by the Ministry of Regional Development of Bulgaria - Partner 2.

The main tasks of ASDE under the project are:

  • Development of common resources for spatial planning , analysis and strategies - described in Work Package 3 ;
  • Participation in the preparation of the analytical part of an overall strategy - described in Work Package 1 ;
  • УParticipation in the development of a common methodology and a monitoring system for territorial development - described in Work Package 2 ;
  • Participation in the analysis and diagnosis of the existing situation in the border region - described in Work Package 4 ;
  • Participation in the development of the Romanian - Bulgarian cross-border development strategy and policy recommendations - described in Work Package 5 ;

The main result of the project is the establishment of a common comprehensive spatial database, which is the first of its kind in the EU. It is a cross-border common geo-database, integrated and harmonized, in accordance with Directive 02/2007/EO-INSPIRE and based on the reference land cover layer in the new global standard ISO 19144-2 (LCML), as well as on Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS) best practices.

The Cross-border database is implemented on an innovative open source platform - Smart Architecture geo- portal and oriented to ensure fast and efficient services to end users. In the process of development of the cross-border database and geo- portal, besides the project partners, ASDE worked closely with experts from the European Commission - DG JRC-IES - MARS UNIT.

Particular importance has the proposal of ASDE in the draft common strategy for territorial development executive structure - Regional Centre for Integrated Risk and Territory Management of the region of the Lower Danube (RCIMRT), which is responsible for the overall coordination of the implementation of future cross-border strategy, maintenance of the reference land cover layer and the regular monitoring of the changes (changes detection) to the sustainable management of risk and territory.

This structure is a realization of the decision of the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria , Protocol 29 of 24.06.2013 , as well as of the adopted and approved Integrated plan for urban regeneration and development of the city of Ruse – developed under the Operational Program "Regional Development 2007-2013" (161b 0001/1.4-07/2010/001).

Individual deliverables, reports, proposals made by ASDE under the SPATIAL project are presented in thematic groups, relevant to the work packages, as follows:

Additional information on the project SPATIAL can be found at SPATIAL-CBC.EU.