Work Packages

Work Package 1: Management and Communication (month 1 – month 24)

  • Coordination of the project implementation process, as Lead Partner,
  • Communication, dissemination and promotion,
  • Develop a regional brand and a marketing plan.

Work Package 2: Development of a common methodology and a monitoring system for territorial development (month 1 – month 11)

  • Develop a common methodology for territorial analysis and diagnosis,
  • Develop a common methodology for strategic planning and monitoring,
  • Trainings and workshops for efficient use of the cross-border area methodology,
  • Preparation of complementary instruments for territorial development and monitoring.

Work Package 3: Development of common resources for the analysis of territorial planning and for the strategy (month 3 – month 23)

  • Evaluation of necessary trainings and of necessary internal equipment to develop a database,
  • Procurement of the hardware and software required for territorial databases,
  • Develop a harmonized, common database for the Romania-Bulgaria cross-border area.

Work Package 4: Analysis and diagnosis of the current situation in the cross-border area (month 1-month 12)

  • Develop a common and harmonized cartographic support for the entire cross-border area,
  • Territorial analysis and data collection,
  • Development of specialized thematic studies,
  • Identify territorial problems and disparities,
  • Identify needs and potential in relevant areas of the cross-border area.

Work Package 5: Spatial Development of the Strategy for Sustainable Territorial Development of the cross-border area Romania-Bulgaria and of the policy recommendations (month 10 – month 17)

  • Developing a joint strategy for sustainable territorial development,
  • Building partnerships to implement the strategy,
  • Organizing public consultations and environmental assessment of the Strategy,
  • Develop a work plan
  • Development of a Green Paper for the cross-border area,
  • Approval of the Strategy.

Work Package 6: Development and implementation of pilot projects in the cross-border area Romania-Bulgaria (month 8 – month 24)

  • Development of integrated pilot projects at county / district or municipality levels,
  • Development and implementation of thematic / sectorial pilot projects.