SmartCover Architecture WEB-GIS System

Representation of harmonized spatial Database, developed within the framework of Project "SPATIAL"-"MIS ETC CODE 171", Bulgaria-Romania


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The SmartCover Architecture provides services, based on spatial data within Web-GIS environment. SmartCover is unique for Bulgaria and EU, because it comprises of Trans-Border spatial data and services, harmonized under Directive INSPIRE.
On other side SmartCover is based on a reference land cover/land use layer, developed under the ISO 19144-2(LCML), thus supporting coordination and actualization of various SDB layers and integration of thematic databases into the harmonized information source.

One of the main purposes of SmartCover Architecture is to be an information platform for integrated risk, territory and citizen protection management, as well as for regular monitoring of changes and the efficient acquisition of European, regional and national funds.

The Web-GIS system comprises the following activities:

– Development of a unified cross-border reference land cover database based on the LCCS (Land Cover Classification System) using a set of independent diagnostic criteria that allows correlation and standardization of the land cover class types. Whole, with respect of the existing classifications and legends, in compliance with the rules and requirements of essential EU Directives and documents for spatial database harmonization, environmental and risk protection, crisis and disaster assessment and management;

– Integration and harmonization of the reference land cover database based on the LCCS with existing thematic layers developed under National (BG and RO) and EU financed projects and programs for environment protection (e.g. Natura 2000), for the aims of better crisis and disaster management and risk prevention, effective territory management; Quality assessment of the prepared unified reference land cover database;

– Systems and information services allowing the integration of the harmonized spatial databases and services with the existing information systems at county/district level;

View from SmartCover

The database provided by SmartCover-web-GIS system, ensures the necessary data for a comprehensive set of indicators at NUTS 3, 2 and LAU (local administration unit) level. The Scale of the cartographic information is - 1:72 000, in - UTM 35N, with - WGS84. The Reference Layer will be updated on two year basis.

SmartCover is opened for partnership and coordination with other European geo-portals, such are:

  • EUROPEAN SOIL DATA CENTRE (ESDAC), to the Joint Research Centre (JRC) :
    ESAC Map Viewer
    DRDSI Datasets

In Conclusion:The Reference layer appears as a measure to check the correctness of the other Thematic spatial data and implementation of the EU fund.